2012. március 21., szerda


Good night everyone!

Don't think that I'm pompous, but I'm so proud of me. I've just come back from a 2 hours long training and made a really healthy dinner. So I'm on the right way to lose weight. HAPPINESS :)))

Try it and I guess you'll like this feeling! Don't give up!


2012. március 20., kedd

History or inspiration?

Good night!

I should study to the history test, but I can't. Inspiration comes easy to me and I feel pressure to create something. Well, this picture is my afternoon's  result, but I'm afraid of I won't get a good mark for this.
So let's start to study :(

I wish you sweet dreams!


2012. március 18., vasárnap

Sunday prog.

Hey dear!

It's Sunday. It's the STUDY Sunday... it should be a study Sunday but I always find something else that is more alluring. My sweet coffee is waiting for me and my nails have to be okay, as well. Finally, fashion can't be disregard, too. It's just natural!

So I wish you a sweet afternoon/night! I'll have one ;)


2012. március 16., péntek

Good night

Good night!

I'm at home...alone but it's okay, because I'm watching the "Megastar" and my favourite from this show, called Bozont <3 . His name is Bush or Shag in English, how you want. I just can recommend him so check this link if you are interested in him: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCrrfAurf2g

I know he is not that kind of handsome boy but he charmed me :)))))

So have fun!


Hair tip

Hey there!

This is a little aid, if you would like to get a mindly curly hair, like I have in this picture. It's so simple. You don't need anything else, just some hair fasteners. Good luck :)))


2012. március 15., csütörtök

Today's outfit

...and here is my outfit for a day, like today was. I had to run-about a lot. So thank you mom, I love your directions... :D

my polyvore


I've just created it on my polyvore. It mirorrs my style by the way. So if you found something similar between us, check my profile: http://educhess.polyvore.com/


Good morning

Good morning!

Elle, my favourite cereal and a fresh glass of orange juice in my sweet bed. Could it be better? Uhm... I don't think so.

Have a nice day ;)



Hey everyone!

Uhmmm...Well, I was bored and got the idea of making a blog. I really love browsing other blogs and I was wondering how they do it. So I've decided to share photos and stories of my everydays. Unesly, this blog is going to be pivoted on fashion. I hope you'll like and follow it!
If you would like to know more about me check these links: