2012. április 26., csütörtök

the new love

So dears,

I guess it was a good idea to make a trip to my favourite second-hand store. Don't you think? :)
And this dress is just one of the cool pieces I bought... pictures soon ;)

Good night sweetes,


2012. április 24., kedd

A girl can never have enough shoes

Good night dears,

So sorry for my negligence, but I've been busy. Unfortunately I'm busy now, as well.
But I don't care. School,  family, boyfriend, friends, work, my dog, my health... everything is so complicated.
I'd like to share some photos that I missed so far. A photo from 6 pairs of my shoes. These are just a few of all. I sware I'll show you the whole collection! Soon :)))
And a portrait of my little dog, called Nudli. I love him so much <3
Here is,

I hope you like him ;)

Sweet dreams guys,


2012. április 14., szombat


Good night sweeties!

I'm so inspired at the moment. I have a kind of feeling...tomorrow my dear bedroom will be changed. I need to create new things, for example redesign my room :)))
But now I've got to sleep and dream about it!

Sweet dreams and kisses,


Fun- We are young

It's Saturday at last!

This music and videoclip describe my mood now. I can't put this song out of my head! Really love it :)))
I'm sure it'll makes you in the "Who cares about the world?!" mood :)))

Have a nice day,



Hey guys!

I'm quite satisfied with my life lately. We got a chance at our school and I lived with this. Next week I'm going to work at a bank as a trainee. EXCITING!!!
Secondly,I really enjoy the training with my team and I've just got more and more positive opinion about my play. So thanks to theese I feel so healthy myself :)))

Talk to later,


2012. április 9., hétfő

Happy Easter!

Hey sweeties!

I'd like to wish you happy Easter! It's f*cking cold outside so I can't have the feeling to this feast...
but I share a photo from today's outfit and a picture from  http://educhess.polyvore.com/
That's what I'd gladly wear! ;)


2012. április 2., hétfő

Whitney Eve Spring 2012

Hey sweeties!

Yes I know I haven't been here for days...shame on me!!! :D
But as a placation I'd like to share these lovely pics with the amazing Whitney Eve clothes from her Spring 2012' collection. I was astonished when I saw it :)))
So if you are interested in this visit her site : http://whitneyport.celebuzz.com/whitney-eve

I really recommend it to you! I'm sure you'll enjoy it ;)

Good night and wish you sweet dreams,